Mistakes in a Divorce to Avoid

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What mistakes should I avoid during divorce?


What you should do is be excellent examples to your children. Obey the court orders. Put your children ahead of yourself. When you’re faced with a situation, you can give the spouse a little more time than allowed, sometimes you need to do that to show the court that you’re willing to make the tough decision and put your children’s needs first. If you get in a tit for tat situation with the kids, that looks poorly on both parties. The other pitfalls are if you send text message with angry and derogatory comments, you email bad things to people, or put bad things on your Facebook accounts about the spouse. These things just come back to haunt you.

Do not put anything on social media or texting or emails that you don’t want to have thrown in your face at trial. It will all come back to you, I promise. What makes an experienced divorce attorney upset and frustrated is when we have to spend more time defending our clients’ actions than be their champion. We ask all of our clients to be exemplary in their life, their language, and be appropriate with all your communication with the other spouse.

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