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James V. Murray has been practicing law since 1985 and has a passion for helping those in need.

To James, there is no better reward than getting someone’s life back on track after an accident changed it.

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We have a track record of success. We know how to win and we are very good at doing so. If you don’t win, neither do we.

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The best Stillwater lawyers are the ones who care about their clients. We treat everyone who comes into our office like their problems are our own.


We’re here to help, not to make a quick buck. If your case needs to go to trial, then we’re ready to send in the troops.

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Fatal Accident

When an elderly man driving illegally with night blindness struck a stalled pickup truck on the highway, the truck was pushed onto the mother driving it. Her injuries proved fatal and she left behind a husband and three young children.

James V. Murray settled the case for a monetary amount in the high six figures.

Traffic Accident Orphans Two Children

A high-speed rear end collision pushed a car into the back of a semi-tractor trailer where the car was t-boned. The impact killed the driver and passenger of the car, leaving their two children orphaned.

James V. Murray settled the case for an amount in the seven figures.

Brain Damage

A commercial truck driver dozed off, crossing the center lane of traffic resulting in a head-on collision with a school teacher. The teacher suffered permanent brain damage and is now unable to hold down a job or take care of herself or young daughter.

James V. Murray settled the case for a policy limit of the mid six figures.

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Don't Let Your Voice Be Silenced

People will abuse you if you let them.

The simple truth about every personal injury case is that the insurance companies do not want to pay you. Unfortunately, they are very talented at that.

When an accident happens, the insurance companies will send out an adjuster to interview you about what happened. No matter what they say or do, the adjuster is not your friend. They are only there to gather evidence to use against you.

When the adjuster shows up, don’t talk to them. Tell them that you want your lawyer and call me.

Anything you say to the insurance adjuster will be used to lessen your compensation. No matter if you were in an accident involving a car, motorcycle or semi, a good attorney can help you avoid this.

Even if you are facing a criminal charge, our team of Stillwater Attorneys can still help you. All you have to do is call us and we can tell you the best way to make your problem vanish.

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