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    James Murray was quick to respond in a serious time of need. I would recommend my attorney James Murray to anyone who wants a serious lawyer. He is great in the courtroom and was great advocating for me and my children. James and staff are courteous, helpful, and professional. James always made time to discuss all matters with me, answer all my questions, and put my worries at ease. I called Murray Law Firm and it was the best call I ever made!

    Caitlin P.

    The staff at Murray Law Firm met or exceeding all of my expectations. They do everything in their power to provide you with the most recent information they have available to them. They are a friendly group that makes you feel like they are fighting the fight with you as a partner. Thomas represented me extremely well, spending hours reviewing the case. I visited with three firms prior to finding Murray Law Firm and I can personally vouch for them in saying that your time would be wasted elsewhere.


    I used James Murray for my divorce after 25 years. This has been my only time Ive needed a attorney. James was one of the best decisions ive made besides the divorce. He went above and beyond. I got everything i wanted plus. I have since sent many of my friends that need a attorney for any reason. James i thank you very much and will refer you because i believe you are the best in town.

    Brian B.

    I had been married almost 31 years when my husband passed away from an accident. I’d lost the love of my life, my rock and the person I counted most! He was in many ways my financial support system. I was going to need an attorney. One with experience, and that could handle a case like mine.Murray Law Firm took on a trucking company and their insurance company while continually working to produce results even when the insurance company worked hard not to pay a fair amount! In closing I couldn’t have been more pleased with the efforts that Murray Law Firm gave on my behalf and that of my family.

    Mary K.
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    Oklahoma Divorce Guide

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    Going to court over a family matter is always a stressful ordeal. Disagreements can arise, and peaceful resolutions can be hard to reach. An experienced Stillwater family law attorney will be with you every step of the way to make sure you have a thorough understanding of the law, while also protecting your interests in reaching a fair and agreeable settlement.

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    It is important to work with a Stillwater family lawyer who can also be counted on to aggressively defend your rights in court if necessary. If you need assistance in any legal issue regarding family law, contact a well-practiced and dependable Stillwater family law attorney today.

    Family Law in Oklahoma

    Family law in Oklahoma covers a wide range of topics, including divorce, child custody, alimony, and division of assets. There are plenty of complexities when it comes to family law in Oklahoma, and consulting first with a knowledgeable Stillwater family law attorney can help simplify the process.


    If you are seeking a divorce in the state of Oklahoma, you will need representation from an experienced family lawyer in order to handle all the paperwork and legal hurdles that may impede the process from moving forward. Going through a divorce is a difficult and overwhelming transition. A well-practiced Stillwater family law attorney will ease your burden, enabling you to move on with your life.

    There are several legal grounds for divorce recognized by the state of Oklahoma, including but not limited to: abandonment, adultery, gross neglect of duty, fraudulent contract, habitual drunkenness, impotence, incompatibility, and insanity.

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    To properly file for divorce, a petition must be signed stating the reason for separation. Incompatibility, otherwise known as “irreconcilable differences,” is often used as a substitute for a no-fault divorce. Divorces in which there are no children involved may be finalized in as few as 10 days. If you have children of minor age, there is a 90-day waiting period before the divorce can be processed.

    Child Custody and Visitation

    When negotiating child custody and visitation rights, it is always best to consult with a Stillwater family lawyer who has a proven track record of handling these types of disputes. Cases involving child custody can often be complex, which means you will need a trustworthy Oklahoma family lawyer to sort out any intricacies.

    The state of Oklahoma recognizes several different types of child custody: joint custody, sole custody, split custody, and birdnesting. If a child custody arrangement and visitation schedule cannot be mutually agreed upon by the two spouses, it will be determined in court based off what is best for the child. The court will review several factors, including age of the child, relationship with each parent, and if there are any past instances of domestic or sexual abuse. A Stillwater family law attorney with experience in child custody cases will help you reach an agreement that works for you and, more importantly, for your child.


    Alimony is a payment made from one spouse to another after a divorce has been finalized. It is not meant as a penalty for separation. Instead, the purpose of alimony is for both spouses to maintain an equal standard of living comparable to what they had during marriage. Alimony is usually paid monthly and can be awarded on a temporary or long-term basis depending on the circumstances.

    There are no strict guidelines when it comes to calculating alimony payments in Oklahoma, which is why it is necessary to consult with a knowledgeable family lawyer to make sure you reach a fair settlement. The court will determine alimony based on careful examination of several factors, including length of the marriage, health and age of the spouses, potential earning capacity, childcare responsibilities, and income discrepancy.

    If you are seeking alimony in Oklahoma, or if you need to enforce or modify a pre-existing arrangement, contact a reliable Stillwater family law attorney today to guide you through this complicated process.

    Division of Assets

    Oklahoma is an Equitable Distribution state, which means assets are divided equitably following a divorce. It is important to remember that equitable does not necessarily mean equal. Instead, marital property is divided “fairly,” as the court sees fit. Similar to alimony arrangements, factors that determine how assets will be divided include the length of the marriage, health and age of the respective spouses, earning potential, and each spouse’s financial contributions to the marriage.

    Disagreements can often arise as to what exactly constitutes marital and separately-owned property. Marital property in Oklahoma is defined as any assets or debts that were accumulated over the course of the marriage. This can include joint property such as stocks, bonds, credit card debts, and bank accounts, along with physical property such as homes and vehicles. Anything that was acquired by a spouse prior to marriage is considered separately-owned. Likewise, any property a spouse receives via gift or inheritance is also separate.

    Going through a divorce is an overwhelming process that becomes even more sensitive when marital property is divided. To avoid confusion and confrontation during this critical time, it is best to consult with a proficient Stillwater family law attorney who will successfully mediate between the two parties and help you reach a favorable outcome.

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    Going to court is a stressful experience that becomes even more delicate when family matters are concerned. Whatever difficulties you may be experiencing, our compassionate and committed Stillwater family lawyer will be there to provide both legal and emotional support. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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