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It is beyond devastating to lose someone you love due to the negligent acts of other people. We offer you our sincerest condolences. It’s an unimaginable pain. While we know that no monetary amount can replace your loved one, we can help you find financial relief. Unexpectedly losing someone after an accident can put huge financial stress on your family, and that is what we can help you with.

Oklahoma Wrongful Death Attorney Injury Attorney Free ConsultationAt Murray Law Firm, we want to become a support system. Stillwater wrongful death attorney James Murray has experience with getting families the compensation they deserve. If you are looking for a reliable attorney, please call our office today for a free consultation. You will be warmly welcomed and we are confident in our abilities to help you seek financial relief.

Client Testimonial / Mary K.

“In 2014 I had been married almost 31 years when my husband passed away from an accident. I’d lost the love of my life, my rock and the person I counted most! He was in many ways my financial support system… Murray Law Firm worked over three years on my case with a 6 day trial at the conclusion… I couldn’t have been more pleased with the efforts that Murray Law Firm gave on my behalf and that of my family. They worked really hard to get us a fair settlement and will be my first choice in the future for legal matters. I can never say THANK YOU enough!”

Statute of Limitations

It is extremely important that you act in a timely manner. The insurance company knows that you are grieving. It is understandably difficult to manage a legal case such as this while you are grief-stricken. We understand the anguish you feel, but if you want to seek rightful compensation, you have to act within the statute of limitations, or time limits of the wrongful death rules. In Oklahoma, you have two years in which to file a claim or settle your case. While that may seem like a long time, it is not necessarily that long.

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With any case, you need to do some prep work in order to successful bring your claim. If you wait one year and 364 days to contact an attorney, it is going to be next to impossible to bring a claim. There are things we need to accomplish as a team before we can bring this claim. Therefore, talking to an attorney right away will make this easier on yourself and your Stillwater wrongful death attorney.

Seeking the Damages Your Family Deserves

There are steps that need to happen before you can bring your claim. The first step is to find the right attorney. You don’t want an attorney who you feel uncomfortable with or feel that you cannot communicate with. Most attorneys should offer a free consultation for wrongful death claims. Utilize this opportunity to interview attorneys. Sit down with them and ask them questions about their experience. See if they have had success with cases like this before and what awards they have helped people get. You should like your attorney because you will be working with them quite a bit.

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The second step is determining who can actually bring the claim. In Oklahoma, you will be allowed to bring the claim for wrongful death if you are a personal representative of the passed loved one. This might have been declared in their plan for their estate. This person will represent the passed loved one as well as the family of the passed loved one. The most frequently appointed personal representatives are spouses, children, parents, and sometimes siblings. If there isn’t a personal representative, the claim may be brought by a court-appointed personal representative. It will most likely (but not always) be a family member of the passed loved one.

Types of Damages You Can Win

If there was malicious misconduct involved in the wrongful death of your loved one, you may seek punitive damages. These damages exist to punish the defendant for their gross misconduct. In instances where your loved one passed away because the defendant was drunk driving, you will be able to seek punitive damages. The purpose of this is also to discourage the defendant as well as others who may be inclined to behave in a dangerous way. No one should take part in acts that are so dangerous that they are a threat to someone else’s life.

In every wrongful death claim, you can seek compensation for two types of damages: pain and suffering that your loved one underwent after the accident before they passed away, and the benefits that your loved one would have provided for your family including lost wages. It is really hard to come to terms with the fact that your loved one may have suffered before they passed away. It is an unfortunate part of wrongful death, but it does increase the value of your claim. This part of the compensation solely has to deal with how your loved one suffered. Then on top of that compensation, you can seek damages for your own suffering. You can be reimbursed for last expenses, grief, loss of companionship, and wages they would have provided.

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If you think you have a wrongful death claim, please call our Stillwater wrongful death attorney James Murray today for a free consultation. He will provide caring and dedicated legal support. You don’t have to suffer more than necessary. Call today to get the compensation that you and your family deserve.

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