Personal Injury Case Results

The Murray Law Firm has obtained millions of dollars in compensation for our clients. Below is a summary of some of our recent personal injury case results. If you have questions about your injury case, please contact us to arrange a free consultation.



In April 2004, at approximately 8:55 a.m., BC was operating a 1992 Ford Taurus in a safe and prudent manner on Highway 177 in Stillwater, Oklahoma. On that date and at that time, WW was operating a 2001 Dodge Caravan in the same direction on Hwy 177 as the BC vehicle and to the rear of the BC’s vehicle. Just prior to the collision, WW was operating his vehicle at a high rate of speed. WW was inattentive and failed to realize that the BC vehicle was in front of him attempting to make a left-hand turn and WW rammed his vehicle into the rear of the BC vehicle.

WW’s view was not obscured in any manner. While driving WW was not paying attention and failed to appreciate the presence of the BC vehicle until just prior to the collision. This inattentiveness was so great that upon realization he would collide with the BC vehicle he was either unable or unwilling to apply his brakes and attempted to swerve to avoid contact. This attempt was unsuccessful because it was too little too late.

The force of the impact pushed the BC vehicle into the rear tire area of the trailer portion of a semi-tractor trailer driven by JR and then a 1999 Chevy Cavalier driven by MH broadsided the BC vehicle. The impact was so severe that both BC and AC were killed instantly.

In a matter of seconds the children were left orphans and seriously injured. The attorneys at Murray Law Firm were the lead attorneys in settling this case for a policy limit of seven figures. A structured settlement was used whereby the children will each receive the money over their life helping them into their retirement years.



Family of father, mother, and 3 young children were taking cattle to market for sale when pickup truck broke down.  After fixing the pickup truck, they were attempting to re-hitch the trailer to the pickup with two men with spotlights acting as traffic control,  when an older man, driving illegally due to night-blindness, came around a curve approximately 4/10’s of a mile away, with unimpeded vision between him and the stalled vehicle. 

The men with the spotlights attempted vigorously to get the man to slow down; however, he did not even hit his brakes until he was within 10 to 15 feet of the trailer.  The older man struck the trailer, knocking it into the mother and subsequently throwing her under the pickup truck. 

Although she was rushed to the hospital, and later lifeflighted to a different hospital, the injuries she sustained as a result of this accident proved fatal.  She left behind a young husband and three children, ages 8, 6 and 18 months.  This case was settled for policy limit of high six figures.



Accident in which a commercial truck driver dozed off and crossed the center lane, resulting in a nearly head-on collision with the vehicle being driven by a young school teacher. The school teacher was pinned upside down in her vehicle for approximately 25 minutes before being able to be removed by rescue crews.

Injuries sustained by Ms. H included a permanent, frontal lobe injury to her brain, among other injuries. Ms. H was forced to resign from her employment, as well as stop attending college, with total medical in excess of $75,000. The permanent brain damage suffered by Ms. H left her unable to drive a car, obtain and keep employment or ever have the normal brain function required to care for herself or her young daughter. The case was settled for policy limits of mid six figures.



Ms. C was driving with her two young daughters, ages 4 and 2, when a woman failed to yield and pulled out in front of Ms. C, causing a collision.  The other woman was cited for failure to yield.  After the other woman’s insurance company paid out policy limits, Mrs. C’s insurance company grossly and negligently refused to submit outstanding medical bills for under-insured motorist coverage consideration, despite the fact that policy limits for the other driver had been exhausted. 

Ms. C was a young and very energetic, athletic person and even though it appeared to be only a soft tissue injury, it become a cervical (neck) fusion within twelve (12) months.  The results of the accident were such that she could not continue with her activities.  A bad faith claim was brought against the under-insured motorist insurance company. Case settled for six figures.



Mid Six Figure settlement by James V. Murray involving drunk driver and bar. A driver/defendant was served so many mixed drinks in a short period of time and allowed the intoxicated person to leave the bar and drive. The accident happened two hours later and James V. Murray’s client sustained over $150,000 in medical and special damages. Client sustained a Closed Head injury.