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Changing a Will

Are you amending your will? Learn the necessary steps for changing a will in this video, then contact our Stillwater lawyers to get started.
How can I amend or restate my will in Oklahoma?


Amending or restating your trust is usually very easy, requiring only a visit to your attorney. Think through what you need and why. Then talk to your lawyer about what changes will be needed. Once your attorney knows what you have in mind, they can make sure you have a firm understanding of what changes need to be made and how they will affect your will. People often think wills are “written in stone” and making a change is a big deal, but changes are not a problem at all. The biggest step is getting a trust or will in place. Once you’ve got something established, codicils, amendments, or restatements are easy. Just go see your attorney and share your thoughts. They can most likely take care of the changes fairly quickly and you can be “off and running” again.

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