Getting an Expungement

One bad decision shouldn’t ruin your future. Our experienced Stillwater criminal defense lawyers can help you with getting an expungement.


I’m about to graduate. Can you help me with an expungement?


Getting an ExpungementThe other day I received a phone call from someone seeking to expunge their criminal record on their background. They applied for a job and it showed up on their background, even though they thought the case was dismissed and expunged after they completed their probation.

What oftentimes happens is the first phase of expungement goes through and the client thinks it’s completely off their record, only to find out later when they apply for a job that the arrest record still remains. We can assess a situation like that and see if you qualify and are eligible to have that record expunged. Oftentimes, we find that you are able to do so. It’s a simple process for us.

We’re well-versed and experienced in these matters, and each case is a little different. So, you need to consult with us first to see what your options are. We offer free consultations, and we can certainly advise you and get it done ASAP so your background search is clear on any application you present in the future. Please contact us at your earliest convenience, and an experienced attorney can advise you accordingly.

Were you or a loved one charged with a crime and have questions about getting an expungement?

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