How COVID-19 Affects Personal Injury Cases

The coronavirus pandemic has affected all aspects of the legal system. Watch this video to learn how COVID-19 affects personal injury cases.


Will the COVID-19 pandemic affect my personal injury case?


COVID-19 has had an impact on all legal cases. It’s had an impact on personal injury, especially. Insurance companies and insurance adjusters deny, delay, and discourage to hurt cases. How COVID-19 Affects Personal Injury Cases They do this on purpose. This is their motto: delay, deny, discourage, defeat. With COVID-19, that just gives them the opportunity and excuse to do it more. They’re going to offer less to settle cases. They’re going to continue to drag their feet. They’re going to want us to give up and settle. In some cases, your circumstances might require that you take a settlement that you don’t particularly like. In other cases, I hope that we can weather the storm and hold them accountable and the wrongdoer accountable, too.

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