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Importance of Having a Will

Are you preparing to create a will? Learn the importance of having a will in this video, then give our Stillwater attorneys a call today.
Why is it important to have a will in Oklahoma?


The biggest problem many people face after the loss of a spouse is losing half the estate to their children due to not having a will. Having “your ducks in a row” by putting a will in place gives you peace of mind. It enables you to clearly identify who your heirs are and what you want each heir to have. Taking these decisions out of the hands of your heirs (your children) eliminates bickering and arguing. The will is the will. You ensure that your wife or your husband is taken care of if you pass away. Having a will ensures your estate is not dissipated or diminished because you must give half to your children while your spouse is still alive and needs it for retirement.

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