Importance of Social Distancing During COVID-19

As we continue through this pandemic together, safety is crucial. Watch this video to learn the importance of social distancing during COVID-19.


What can I do to slow the spread of COVID-19?


Importance of Social Distancing During COVID-19 COVID-19 has changed our lives. A month ago, life was fairly normal. Now it’s anything but. Each day is new. Each day the news appears to be getting more difficult to deal with. The CDC has given us guidelines to stay safe. Governor Stitt has basically told us, until April 30th, we are to have social distancing, we are to stay at home, and that all non-essential businesses are shut down.

We’re told that we need to be careful. We need to not be around people in big settings. We need to do what Governor Stitt has told us to do. If we don’t social distance, if we don’t stay at home, if we don’t limit our contact with people, we are endangering ourselves, our loved ones – our wife, our children, our parents, our cousins – our friends, our church members. Don’t have that on your conscience. I want you all to obey the mandates and directive of Governor Stitt and our government. Stay home, and protect yourself.

The Murray Law Firm has been here for 35 years protecting citizens of north central Oklahoma. We’re going to do our part. We want you to do your part. Don’t ever be the one who is accused of giving someone else COVID-19 because they didn’t take care of business and obey the governor’s mandate.

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Make sure you keep yourself and your family safe during this pandemic.

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