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Slip and Fall on City Property

Did you suffer a slip and fall on city property in Oklahoma? You may be entitled to compensation. Watch this video to learn more.
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Can I sue the city if I fell on a sidewalk or curb?


The question often comes to me about suing a city, municipality, or school if the sidewalks or curbs are not in good repair, or they have some unique construction problems. The answer is yes, you can sue a municipality or school. However, you need to determine that they had notice of these problems and they haven’t fixed them, that these various issues with construction and maintaining of sidewalks/curbs had been brought to their attention and they failed to act, that there’s been other injuries there, that they’re unsafe for the public.Slip and Fall on City PropertyAgain, if you hire an attorney early on in the case, he can hire experts that will have this knowledge. They can look at situations. They can take pictures of the evidence and preserve it, whether it’s potholes, cracks, or uneven concrete. Whatever it is, they can make a determination. If they determine that the city, school, or municipality was negligent in failing to maintain or construct these types of structures, then you do have a claim.

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