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In 2014 I had been married almost 31 years when my husband passed away from an accident. I’d lost the love of my life, my rock and the person I counted most! He was in many ways my financial support system. I was going to need an attorney. One with experience, and that could handle a case like mine. It was really over whelming beginning with receiving mail outs from other attorney (6) in the mail. The mail outs started the day I arrived home to make plans for the funeral. I knew at that point what I did not want! An attorney that would contact me within 48 hours of an accident, and less than 24 hours after a death! I lay awake in the middle of the night sometimes for a few hours, or longer. Not due to being scared in the house. But due to the uncertainty I faced throughout the days that followed, financially and emotionally. The bills just poured in. One day I actually had so many medical bills from insurance that I ask my son to help me open them (about 20). I remember one day about two weeks after the accident I received a call about a medical related bill, and actually told that if I didn’t pay it they would sue me. It was just overwhelming! Once I decided to have Murray Law Firm help me through the devastation that was left, and what was now my life they told me to just bring the bills to them (from the accident) and they made contact with each entity personally to work out payment. Murray Law Firm worked over three years on my case with a 6 day trial at the conclusion. We also went to mediation in which I had three lawyers by my side, and on my side. Murray Law Firm took on a trucking company and their insurance company while continually working to produce results even when the insurance company worked hard not to pay a fair amount! I was shocked at the amount of paper work we had to respond to due to paper work and court papers being filed by the insurance company. In closing I couldn’t have been more pleased with the efforts that Murray Law Firm gave on my behalf and that of my family. They worked really hard to get us a fair settlement and will be my first choice in the future for legal matters. I can never say THANK YOU enough!
Mary K.
James Murray was quick to respond in a serious time of need. I would recommend my attorney James Murray to anyone who wants a serious lawyer. He is great in the courtroom and was great advocating for me and my children. James and staff are courteous, helpful, and professional. James always made time to discuss all matters with me, answer all my questions, and put my worries at ease. I called Murray Law Firm and it was the best call I ever made!
Caitlin P.
Mr. Murray and his team has represented me for almost eight years, in what is known as the most acrimonious and litigious divorce case ever in Payne County. As far as I know, I am the longest standing client of Murray Law Firm. When I first went to the firm, my primary concern was losing rights to see my son, due to unfounded accusations by my estranged wife. Jamie outlasted a dozen lawyers hired to go up against him. Through dozens of hearings, a three day trial, an appeal to the Supreme Court, another three day trial, and another appeal to the Supreme court, Jamie stood strong, was well prepared, and tougher than an army boot. Ultimately, after a seven year battle, I was granted full custody of my son. Whether for family matters, criminal defense, personal injury, or virtually any other matter, I urge you to hire the Murray Law Firm. They are the best in Payne and surrounding counties—-and among the best in the state of Oklahoma.
John D.
The staff at Murray Law Firm met or exceeding all of my expectations. They do everything in their power to provide you with the most recent information they have available to them. They are a friendly group that makes you feel like they are fighting the fight with you as a partner. Thomas represented me extremely well, spending hours reviewing the case. I visited with three firms prior to finding Murray Law Firm and I can personally vouch for them in saying that your time would be wasted elsewhere.
I used James Murray for my divorce after 25 years. This has been my only time Ive needed a attorney. James was one of the best decisions ive made besides the divorce. He went above and beyond. I got everything i wanted plus. I have since sent many of my friends that need a attorney for any reason. James i thank you very much and will refer you because i believe you are the best in town.
Brian B.
Highly recommended law firm that is very pleasant to work with and very affordable. The staff was honest and straight forward through the whole process. They are very knowledgable and willing to help in any way possible. I want to say a special thanks to Mr. Swafford for all the help, professional advice, and hard-work. Thank you to the rest of the staff for all the help and assistance. Very satisfied!
Dalton H.
Jamie has represented me from divorce to custody and more. Carries himself very well in court and is highly respected within the court system. More than happy with my services.
Lauran T.
James V Murray is the most honest lawyer in the state.He has always represented me well.Anytime I have had questions he was quick to return my phone calls.And everyone know how stressful it can be with a X wife and children in the court system.
Clemn T.
Absolutely amazing!You get service that is easily worth ten times what you pay for.Friendly and understanding staff that goes the extra mile to make sure you are taken care of.Thomas Swafford is a godsend.Thank you for everything!
Daniel S.