3 Pedestrian Accident Tips

Did you or a loved one get hit by a car and are seriously injured? Check out these 3 pedestrian accident tips, then give our Stillwater lawyers a call today.

1. Mistakes to Avoid After a Pedestrian Accident

3 Pedestrian Accident TipsThe most common pedestrians make when they’re in a wreck with a vehicle is one, either they don’t seek treatment soon enough or they seek the wrong treatment, or they don’t follow the doctor’s advice and their treatment plan. My advice is to seek out medical treatment immediately from a competent physician. I want you to do exactly what the doctor asks you to do. If you don’t, the insurance companies may use that as leveraging you, take out a settlement, or mediation or even a trial. The second mistake pedestrians make is they don’t hire attorneys soon enough to help them investigate the case, preserve the evidence, and to help them deal with the insurance company. Insurance companies look for reasons to help you believe you need to sell your case when you don’t have to, so don’t give the insurance any power over you. You do that by hiring an attorney, direct all phone calls and correspondence to your attorney, which will protect you from insurance companies trying to trick you into selling your case.

2. Pedestrian Accident Benefits

If you were a pedestrian and you were injured by a vehicle, what types of damages and claims can you have? Well obviously, you can get your medical bills, your future and past medical bills. You can get pain and suffering, future and past. You can get your lost wages. You can get any type of compensation for permanent impairment or disability. You can get compensation for the loss of your hobbies, loss of enjoying your family. If you can’t return to your same lifestyle you had before, because of any physical deficiencies caused by this wreck, then you definitely can receive some type of consideration for those as well. To know all of the rights you have for your specific case, I would suggest you contact an attorney who has experience in pedestrian wrecks.

3. Pedestrian Accident Injury Claims

People have asked me what the difference is between a pedestrian wreck claim and an automobile wreck claim. There’s not a lot of difference. Pedestrians still have special duties. They need to be in crosswalks, but that, again, doesn’t completely eliminate a claim if you’re not in the crosswalk. There are specific traffic obligations, rules that a pedestrian must follow as well as a car, so if either side violates any safety rules, then there’s going to have to be some type of accountability there. More often than not, the injuries of a pedestrian are more serious than injuries of an occupant of a vehicle.

Were you or a loved one seriously injured by a motor vehicle while walking, running, or jogging and have questions about these 3 pedestrian accident tips? Contact a Stillwater pedestrian accident lawyer at Murray Law Firm today for a free confidential consultation and case evaluation. Let our experience work for you.

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