4 School Bus Accident Tips

Was your child injured while riding a school bus? Check out these 4 school bus accident tips and give our Stillwater lawyers a call today to start your case.

1. School Bus Injury Claims

4 School Bus Accident TipsIf you have a child who is on a school bus and there is an injury caused by an automobile running into a school bus, or a school bus running into an automobile, or even if the school bus runs into a truck or another school bus, you have to investigate the case. You have the possibility of an action against the school bus driver for not being safe and not following safety rules, and you have also a cause of action and can sue the other party that caused the wreck or ran into the school bus. You have to investigate these things quickly to make sure you know all the players who are involved, and you need to make sure you understand the evidence, preserve the evidence, and prepare for presenting your case to the insurance company, or even presenting yourself in a jury trial.

2. School Bus Accident Compensation

If you’re involved in school bus injury, or you have a loved one who is, you can recover essentially the same damages you can in a normal wreck case. You can get your medical bills. You can get future and past medical bills. You can get future and past pain and suffering. You can get compensation if you’re injured in such a way you can never do what you love to do so much before the wreck. If you played football and now you can’t play football, you receive compensation for that. If you have any permanent impairment or temporary impairment, you can receive coverage for that. It’s basically the same types of recovery in damage you receive from a bus wreck as it is an automobile wreck.

3. School Bus Accident Statute of Limitations

If your child or loved one was injured on a school bus in Oklahoma, you’re governed by the Governmental Tort Claim Act statute of limitation, which is one year. You have to give notice before you can file a lawsuit. So many days has to pass to have the school district make a response to you. You have to give them a chance, first, to review the claim before you file it. Again, it’s kind of a unique statute and it’s not easily understood by the average citizen of Oklahoma, so I would suggest contacting an attorney as soon as you can and put this in their hands to handle it so you don’t miss any of your rights.

4. School Bus Accident Liability

When either yourself or loved one has been injured on a school bus, you need to determine the liable party. If the bus driver causes the wreck, then the school bus driver and the school is liable. Sometimes there could be other people, third-parties involved, other insurance companies and various issues, but it’s a pretty slippery slope too. It’s not all that clear cut for the average person. I would just suggest you hire an attorney that has experience with this type of injury as soon as you can.

Were you or a loved one seriously injured in a wreck and have questions about our 4 school bus accident tips? Contact a Stillwater bus accident lawyer at Murray Law Firm today for a free confidential consultation and case evaluation. Let our experience work for you.

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