4 Things To Know When Determining Alimony

Are you in the divorce process and have questions about alimony? Read these 4 things to know when determining alimony, then call us today.

1) Support Alimony

4 Things To Know When Determining AlimonySupport alimony in the state of Oklahoma is intended to allow one party to transition economically and cushion that economic impact to a state of independence, where they’re going from having been married and potentially financially dependent on the spouse, to a period where they need to be financially independent. Alimony can be awarded to allow that transition to be a little easier. In doing so, the court will consider a number of factors, including the need of the party requesting it and the ability of the other spouse to pay that requested amount. Then there will be a factual evidentiary finding to determine whether any amount should be ordered.

2) Will I Have To Pay Support Alimony?

There is no set formula in the state of Oklahoma. It’s going to be an analysis based on the financial resources available to both parties, unlike child support, which will be set through a child support calculator guideline table. You’ll have to consult with an experienced divorce attorney to determine whether you will be required to pay support alimony or whether you will be entitled to receive support alimony.

3) Calculating Alimony

In Oklahoma, it’s generally a factual issue, where the party requesting alimony says they have a need for the financial support, and the other party that would be paying is stating whether they have the ability to pay that financial request. In doing so, the court will assess all of the factors, and it’s important that the party that is requested to pay alimony prepare a budget that will show whether they have the ability to even pay the requested amount. Likewise, the requesting party should prepare a budget of what their monthly expenses are, what their monthly income is, and how this requested amount will help transition them into a state of independence after the divorce proceeds on.

4) How Long Does Alimony Last?

It is not a clear cut determination about how long that will last. It’s a case-by-case factual assessment that we’ll have to assess with your case specifically. What happens is the court needs to at least set what’s considered a sub-certain amount, which will be paid out in a monthly amount, for a period of however many months, as the court orders to conclude with a final, total number. Again, it will be dependent on financial resources and requirements of both parties to the case.

Are you or a loved one going through the divorce process and have questions about alimony? After reading these 4 things to know when determining alimony, contact a Stillwater alimony lawyer at Murray Law Firm today for a free confidential consultation and case evaluation. Let our experience work for you.

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