Accused And Confused? Criminal Defense Lawyers Can Help

Have you been accused and confused? Our criminal defense lawyers can help you and provide legal assistance to start your case. Call us now!

Did you know, across the United States in 2015, law enforcement officers made an estimated 10,797,088 arrests? This might be the case, but according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics that same year, only 1,526,792 people were incarcerated. Though this is still arguably too many prisoners, it shows that criminal defense is still an integral part of the United States justice system. If you have been arrested on allegations of a crime, you should consider hiring a highly recommended criminal defense lawyer.

Accused And Confused Criminal Defense Lawyers Can HelpDo I Need A Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Have you been accused of a crime? Have you been arrested? If you answered yes to either of these, then you have your answer. It is essential to any fair trial or plea deal negotiation that you hire a lawyer. Even if you are demonstrably innocent, it every officer’s duty to ethically investigate each suspect to their fullest ability. Likewise, it is every criminal defense lawyer’s duty to ethically defend each client to their fullest ability. Remember though, not every criminal defense attorney has the same ability level.

Public defenders are integral to the criminal justice process. The law provides that if an accused individual does not have the financial means to pay for a criminal defense lawyer, one will be appointed by the state. While public defenders have a reputation for not being the best attorneys, they are still necessary for the system to function. Likely, many are simply exhausted from long hours and difficult cases. Regardless, if you can afford a highly regarded defense attorney you would likely be in better hands. So what happens if you are arrested?

    • Step 1: Say nothing to the police. Only ask for your lawyer.


    • Step 2: Talk openly and honestly with your criminal defense lawyer so they can gather a complete understanding of the allegations you face. What you tell them is protected by attorney-client privilege.


  • Step 3: Let your lawyer do the talking. This is why you hired them in the first place, to represent you. Attorneys are highly educated in the matters of law and will know the best approach to defending you.

If you find yourself among the millions arrested in the United States every year, you will need to hire a criminal defense attorney. This will be your best chance of getting a fair trial and of avoiding conviction. If you don’t already have a criminal defense attorney, reach out today!

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