Benefits After a Construction Accident

Benefits After a Construction AccidentIf you’ve been seriously injured on a job site, you may be wondering if there are any benefits available to you after a construction accident. You will need to hire a Stillwater construction accident attorney to ensure that you are fully compensated for all damages you have suffered. Contact our office today to arrange a free consultation.

Benefits After a Construction Accident | Workers’ Compensation

In construction injury cases, there are a lot of benefits you can receive. You can get the same benefits you would in a car wreck case. You can get your medical bills paid. You get lost wages. You get permanent impairment. You can get future and past pain and suffering. A lot of times, workers’ comp is involved. Workers’ comp is a good system, but it’s not a complete system and it’s not going to make you whole.

If you’re injured by a third-party on the work job, then that’s a good thing for you as far as getting more money. You can bring actions against a third-party for the same injuries. You’ll have to reimburse workers’ comp for some of the money they paid out, but you will probably be better off if you have a third-party to bring an action against. An example of this: if you’re in a company truck and you’re hit by another company’s truck with a driver, you’ll have a claim not only for workers’ comp, but also against that third-party construction company or third-party sub-contractor who hit you.

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Benefits After a Construction Accident | Damages

If you’re injured in a construction case and it’s serious, you’re entitled to receive damages. You’re entitled to receive past and future medical expenses. You’re entitled to past and future pain and suffering. You’re able to recover for any permanent impairment or disability and even a temporary disability. You’re entitled to the loss of your passion. If you like to go backpacking and all of a sudden now you can’t walk again for more than 30 feet, then that’s a damage you need to be compensated for. If you can’t enjoy your family, if you can’t enjoy the life as you knew if before this serious injury, then you’ll be able to recover for that.

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