Criminal Defense Questions About the Police

Criminal Defense Questions About the PoliceThe importance of knowing your rights cannot be understated. If you have been arrested or are under investigation in the state of Oklahoma, please contact our office right away to schedule a free consultation and find out how our experienced attorneys can help. We will answer any and all criminal defense questions about the police that you might have.

Criminal Defense Questions About the Police | What are My Rights if I’m Arrested?

If you’re accused of a crime in the state of Oklahoma and charges are filed against you, you have a right to remain silent. You have a right to have effective legal counsel represent your interests. You also have a right to a trial by a jury of your peers; that you cannot be convicted of the crime unless they return a unanimous jury verdict of guilt with proof beyond a reasonable doubt. You need to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately upon receiving news that you’ve been charged with a crime in order to assess your rights.

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Criminal Defense Questions About the Police | I’m Under Investigation; Should I Talk to the Police?

I had a consultation recently with a client where they were asked by law enforcement to come make a statement or come give some information regarding an ongoing investigation law enforcement was undertaking. The client asked me, should I go down there and talk with them? The answer is no; not without legal representation. You could be potentially incriminating yourself without your knowledge even though you have the best interest and intentions of just being cooperative even if you feel like you have nothing to hide. You want to make sure you’ve assessed all of your rights and what the probability is of the outcome of the situation might be by contacting an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Criminal Defense Questions About the Police | Do I Have to Submit to a Polygraph?

Sometimes law enforcement will ask an individual to submit to a polygraph as part of an ongoing investigation. If you are asked to submit to a polygraph, the question becomes, should you do so? The answer is no. You’re under no legal order or obligation to do so. Doing so may actually implicate you in a crime that you may have had nothing to do with. Your best advice is to steer clear from that and only comply with court orders. Contact an experienced criminal defense attorney if you are requested to take a polygraph.

Were you or a loved one arrested or accused of a crime and have criminal defense questions about the police? Contact a Stillwater criminal defense lawyer at Murray Law Firm today for a free confidential consultation and case evaluation. Let our experience work for you.

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