Is Distracted Driving a Crime?

Did you get charged with distracted driving and wondering “Is distracted driving a crime?” Watch this video to learn more, then give us a call.

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Is distracted driving a crime?


Times are changing. It used to be that a DUI was the worst thing you could do if you were driving. People really frowned upon it. It’s still frowned upon. It’s still not something good to do. It’s dangerous and it could change your life forever.

The new DUI is distracted driving. A study out of the University of Utah indicates that someone texting or playing games on their phone while they’re driving is actually worse than a drunk driver. When you text while you drive, you’re taking your life in your hands of having something bad happen to you. If you’re involved in an auto wreck, the first thing you should think of is, was the other driver on their phone? You should ask the police officer to look at the phone, to take a screenshot and send it to you. You should make sure you’re not on your phone. The first thing that a police officer will do is ask you for your phone, too. He’ll check to see if you were texting and see if you were on the phone when you were in the wreck.

Distracted driving is becoming bigger and bigger. People can be killed by distracted driving. The number of distracted driving motor vehicle wrecks are climbing each year significantly. If you’re involved in a wreck, and you think that someone that hit you or caused this accident or wreck was distracted by texting or on the phone, contact an experienced personal injury trial lawyer who will have the means to find the records, subpoena the records, and determine whether or not the driver that hit you was actually distracted at the time of the wreck.

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