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Motorcycle Accidents Without A Helmet

Motorcycle accidents without a helmet can cause severe lifelong injuries. We will fight to ensure you are fairly and fully compensated.
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Can I file a claim if I was injured in a motorcycle accident without a helmet?


Another common question I receive with motorcycle wrecks is, “I wasn’t wearing a helmet. Does that make me at fault if I sustained a brain injury?” My response to that is a jury is going to hear the evidence. The jury understands motorcycles; they understand helmets. It’s going to be whether or not the driver of the motorcycle contributed to this injury because he didn’t have a helmet on.Motorcycle Accidents Without A HelmetThat’s a question of fact for the jury. You’re not barred for bringing a lawsuit just because you didn’t have your helmet on. I would suspect that we would have to have a focus group determine, given the facts of your case, what a jury thinks about whether you had a helmet on or you didn’t have a helmet on. Don’t wait to hire an attorney. We need to get to a focus group early on to see what eight or nine people think about your case.

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