Prevent Injury This Motorcycle Season

Are you looking forward to motorcycle rides this year in Stillwater? Learn how to prevent injury this motorcycle season in this article.

When 3 million people incur injuries from car accidents every year in the United States, you need to make sure you take the correct safety precautions on the road. This motorcycle season, take these reminders into account before you set off on your two-wheeler.

Prevent Injury This Motorcycle SeasonWear the proper riding materials You see people on bikes wearing tank tops, shorts, even flip-flops. While it might be tempting to follow their example, motorcycle gear is essential in staying safe on your bike, even if you’re going for a quick ride down the street. Although Oklahoma law states a helmet is not required over the age of 18, if you’re in an auto accident, you can suffer serious — if not fatal — head injuries.Additionally, it’s important to make sure your extremities are covered, even if it’s a hot day. When you hear “motorcycle jacket,” you automatically think leather, but moto jackets also come in different textiles and prints to keep you looking fashion-forward. Make sure you also wear sturdy pants and close-toed shoes in case you get into an accident. These tips will be sure to help minimize damage if you’re injured in an accident.

Get two helmets Again, you see people riding on the backs of motorcycles without helmets. This seems like a great idea until you get into an accident. Make sure you always have two helmets nearby in case someone wants to take your bike out for a spin. If your passenger is injured in an accident while you’re driving, you may be liable for their injuries. Always be sure to talk to a car accident lawyer if anything like this happens.

Make sure your bike is road-ready Each state has different laws regarding motorcycle equipment standards. Regardless of the state, however, you need a headlight, tail light, and brake lights, all measures necessary to prevent an auto accident. Visiting a law firm to discuss your state’s requirements is the best way to avoid getting into trouble with the law and staying safe on the road.

Go the speed limit It’s easy for bikes to weave in and out of traffic. However, drivers on the road are not wary when it comes to looking out for bikes on the road, and you’re more likely to get seriously injured in a collision. Going the speed limit will cause the minimal amount of damage to your person and you’re guaranteed to have followed the law during car accidents. If you are injured in an accident despite following the rules of the road, seek out a personal injury lawyer or a car accident lawyer.

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