Questions About Dog Bite Compensation

Questions About Dog Bite CompensationIf you have questions about dog bite compensation and how it can be recovered, please contact the experienced Stillwater injury attorneys at Murray Law Firm today to schedule a free consultation. We understand that this area of personal injury law can become complex, especially if the dog belongs to someone you know. That is why our dedicated lawyers will be with you every step of the way to guide you through this stressful process. We have had years of success helping Oklahoma residents injured by dog bites recover the full compensation they deserve.

Questions About Dog Bite Compensation | What Mistakes Should I Avoid in My Claim?

The most common mistake people make when they’re bitten by a dog is that they don’t seek medical treatment soon enough. Normally, dog bites are pretty serious. Always go to the doctor quickly. Most dog bites result in wounds that will need to be stitched up and require antibiotics.

Not hiring a lawyer is another huge mistake. Don’t think you can settle this on your own. Maybe you don’t want to cause a problem, or you might think maybe you provoked the attack. No matter the circumstances, always hire an attorney. Let him deal with the causation. Your chances to receive full compensation will be greatly increased.

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Questions About Dog Bite Compensation | How Do I Prove Liability and Negligence?

Let’s say that you have a family friend who intentionally makes a dog mean, continually abuses the dog, continually provokes the dog, and then lets the dog out in an agitated state. If you are attacked by this dog, then that family friend would be responsible for your injuries. Another example would be a dog owner who knows the animal has a vicious propensity to attack but lets it out anyways. This would also be cause to seek damages for a dog bite claim.

If you were trespassing on private property and then were attacked by a dog, you may not have a claim. Likewise, if you provoked the dog and were subsequently injured, you might be found at-fault for the accident. It is always best to hire an attorney to properly determine liability in a dog bite injury case.

Questions About Dog Bite Compensation | What if the Dog Owner Doesn’t Have Insurance?

One of the most common problems we see is when people are bitten by a dog in an apartment. Most of the time, people who rent an apartment do not have homeowner’s insurance, which means there is no coverage for the injured party to reimburse them for damages. However, you may be able to apply your health insurance in order to pay for medical bills.

You can also check with your own homeowner’s insurance to see if dog bites are covered. Every insurance company’s contract is different. We suggest you contact an attorney to make sure you exhaust all possible avenues. If you are seeking compensation for a dog bite injury sustained in Oklahoma, contact our experienced Stillwater dog bite lawyer today for a free consultation.

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