Reporting Your Construction Injury

Were you hurt on a construction site? Watch this video to learn why reporting your construction injury is a crucial step of the process.

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Should I tell my boss about my work injury?


One question I receive all the time is, “Should I tell my boss I’ve been injured on the job?” The answer is yes. Fill out a detailed accident claim, and if he doesn’t give you a sheet of paper, insist that he give you one. Again, a lot of times, if there’s no piece of paper filed with somebody about your reported injury, then insurance companies will make that look like you just made the whole injury up.If you wait a week to fill out the incident report, that’s not good either. Immediately tell your boss, immediately fill out a form, and make sure you keep a copy of that form. Ask for a copy if you aren’t given one. If they don’t have a copy machine, take a picture with your phone. Keep a copy of the incident report. Sometimes they’re altered, so definitely tell your boss and definitely fill out an incident or injury report.

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