Stillwater Dog Bite Injuries

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What types of injuries occur because of a dog attack?


If you are bitten by a dog and seriously injured, the first thing you have to do is seek medical treatment. It’s important. You need to go to a health care professional. The next thing, which the health care professional will want to know, is the identify the dog. You need to make sure the dog has had its vaccinations and it doesn’t have any serious problems like rabies that could cause you problems. Once you find out the owner, you need to determine who they are and where they live. Then you have to hire an attorney. These are serious cases. They can cause disfigurement. They can cause serious injuries. There are some dogs out there that are pretty deadly. They can cause tremendous injuries.

I would hire a lawyer to investigate. Let them talk to these owners. Let them research about this dog. Has this dog done this to other people? Has he bitten friends or family before? Is this dog a menace? If the owners knew it was a menace, then they’re even more responsible. This is a case where you have to make a claim against the homeowner’s insurance, so you need to determine who the homeowner insurance is and send them notice immediately. Do not wait to notify the owners. Do not wait to find out who the dog is. Do not wait to get medical treatment if you’re bitten by a dog.

Were you or a loved one seriously injured after being attacked by a dog and have questions about your Stillwater dog bite injuries? Contact a Stillwater dog bite lawyer at Murray Law Firm today for a free confidential consultation and case evaluation.