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Wrongful Death Settlement Timeline

After filing a wrongful death case, you might want to know how long it will last. Watch this video to learn about the wrongful death settlement timeline.
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How long does a wrongful death claim take to settle?


A question that’s frequently asked of me is, “How long will a wrongful death case take once a lawsuit has started to resolve?” It could be years depending on the circumstances of the incident that caused the death, depending on how many defendants there are, and how many attorneys are involved in the case. It depends on what jurisdiction you’re in, how busy the court is. Insurance companies have a way of prolonging cases. They’re hoping that the victims in a wrongful death case will get litigation fatigue and quit. Their mentality is to delay, deny, discourage, then defeat.Wrongful Death Settlement TimelineThey do that regularly and it works more often than it ought to. It hurts me sometimes when my clients give up the fight when they’re entitled to more. You need to find an attorney that will be vigilant in moving this case along as quickly as they can. If you have that, then these cases can take less time.

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