Alimony for an Unemployed Spouse

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Will I have to pay alimony to my unemployed spouse?


Oftentimes in a divorce action, there’s a request for alimony that one spouse pay the other a monthly maintenance amount for a certain period of time. That can last months. It can even last years. The amount to be determined will be contingent on financial resources of both parties, as well as a list of factors that the court will consider that’s been enumerated in various case law.Alimony for an Unemployed SpouseThe question is if the other spouse requesting alimony hasn’t worked or doesn’t work, are they entitled to receive alimony? Well, it’ll be a case-by-case basis, where you will have to assess the factors surrounding why the party doesn’t work that’s requesting alimony. Oftentimes, it’s been a situation where a mother has been a stay-at-home mom or a father has been a stay-at-home father caring for the children. In that case, that won’t prohibit that party from receiving alimony just because they don’t hold employment. Again, that’s something that you’ll have to assess with an experienced divorce attorney to determine whether it is an appropriate claim for you to make.

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