Alimony in Oklahoma

Alimony in OklahomaIf you are going through divorce in the state of Oklahoma, you will need to be aware of the various laws regarding alimony in Oklahoma. Here is some important information on the topic.

Alimony in Oklahoma | Definition

In Oklahoma, alimony generally consists of monthly payments made by a financially secure spouse to the needy spouse, to provide them financial support during and/or after the divorce. The general aim behind spousal support is to harmonize the parties’ incomes to ensure that each spouse is able to live in a lifestyle or manner as they were accustomed to before the separation or divorce.  Alimony is not gender specific, as it may be awarded to the husband or the wife, and is also available to same-sex couples as well. If you have questions about alimony in Oklahoma, contact an experienced Stillwater alimony attorney at our firm.

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Alimony in Oklahoma | Types of Alimony

Oklahoma law recognizes two types of alimony.  The first, referred to as “spousal maintenance,” is temporary and payable from the time of separation until the final divorce is granted.  The second type of alimony occurs post-divorce and is spelled out in the final divorce judgment.  It may be short-term or long term.

The goal of short-term alimony is to provide financial support to the needy spouse until that party is able to financially provide for themselves again.  It is commonly granted to parties who have been out of the workforce for an extended time period, or to those who need education, or special job training, that will permit them to earn and provide for themselves.  Long-term alimony is most commonly awarded to a disabled spouse or an older spouse who has never been a part of the workforce, or who lacks a meaningful earning capacity.

Alimony in Oklahoma | Can an Award of Alimony Be Modified?

Alimony awards may be modified.  In order for a modification to occur, a party must petition the court for a modification and then demonstrate a “material change” in circumstances, which drastically decreases or increases the income or living expenses of one or both of the parties.  Losing a high paying job or acquiring a permanent disability may be found to satisfy this standard.  But remember, every case is unique and discretion is left in the hands of the court as to whether a specific circumstance amounts to a “material” change such that the original alimony award should be altered. If you are interested in getting your award of alimony modified, contact an experienced Stillwater alimony attorney at our firm.

If you want to know more about the laws regarding alimony in Oklahoma, contact our experienced Stillwater alimony attorney today. We offer free consultations for anyone going through the divorce process. Let our experience work for you.

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