Violent Criminal Charges

Violent Criminal ChargesHave you been arrested for violent criminal charges? You might need an experienced attorney to help you through it to avoid facing harsh penalties.

Violent Criminal Charges | Arrested for Domestic Violence

If you’re facing a domestic violence arrest, you need to contact a criminal defense attorney immediately. That is a situation where you need to not contact any other party including the alleged victim in your case because that may result in additional criminal charges being filed against you. In contacting a criminal defense attorney, you will assess the facts, assess the evidence, and determine what defenses are available for you to serve your interest best. It’s imperative you do so because the case may result in a lengthy jail time or incarceration if you do not take care of business.

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Violent Criminal Charges | Assault Charges

If you’re charged with a crime of assault and battery in the state of Oklahoma, it’s imperative that you contact you’re a criminal defense attorney immediately. You need to review your viable defenses to the charge because the state of Oklahoma will generally pursue that charge pretty vigorously. That charge can carry a period of incarceration that may be substantial. It’s imperative that you also stop communicating with anyone about any of the alleged events that you were involved in. Again, contact a criminal defense attorney immediately and assess your case.

Violent Criminal Charges | Rights of the Accused 

If you’re accused of a crime in the state of Oklahoma and charges are filed against you, you have a right to remain silent. You have a right to have effective legal counsel to represent your interests and through a criminal defense attorney. You also have a right to a trial by a jury of your peers; that you cannot be convicted of the crime unless they return a unanimous jury verdict of guilt with proof beyond a reasonable doubt. You need to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately upon receiving news that you’ve been charged with a crime in order to assess your rights. Please call our Oklahoma attorney today for a free consultation.

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