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Construction Accident Settlement Timeline

Do you have questions about the construction accident settlement timeline? Watch this video to find out how long it may take to recover compensation.
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How long will my construction accident case take?


After you’ve been involved in a construction injury case in Oklahoma, you have two years to bring your claim. What that means is you either have to have it settled or you have to file your lawsuit before two years or you’re barred from bringing any actions against the person who caused your injuries. Hire a lawyer early because construction cases are very detail-oriented; they’re technical because of all the construction aspects of it.Construction Accident Settlement TimelineThe problem is, a construction scene is ever-changing. If you don’t get pictures and you don’t interview witnesses right after the injury, then you might lose that evidence forever. Don’t wait. When you’re seriously injured at a construction site, get to a lawyer quickly so pictures can be taken, witnesses can be located, and we can preserve that evidence.

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