Construction Accidents and Workers’ Compensation

Injured on a construction site and unable to work? Watch this video to learn about construction accidents and workers’ compensation in Oklahoma.
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Is workers’ compensation my only relief after a construction accident?


The workers’ compensation system in Oklahoma has gone through some changes in the last several years. It’s a more difficult system to be fully compensated. It still provides medical treatment. It’ll still provide lost wages. It’ll still provide permanent impairment. It’ll still supply total permanently impairment.Construction Accidents and Workers’ CompensationIt’s not a perfect system. It doesn’t compensate you as well as it used to, but it’s all we have, and for a lot of people, it turned out to be a good thing. Workers’ compensation is there to help workers who are injured on the job to be able to get medical treatment and receive a fair wage for the time they’re off while they’re seeking medical treatment. It is a system that you definitely need to hire a lawyer for. Because it’s not something the average person can do on their own.

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