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Dog Bite Case Value

Were you attacked by a dog? Watch this video to learn about dog bite case value and how much you may be able to recover for your injuries.
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How do I determine the value of my dog bite case?


The question that’s asked of me all the time is, “How much is my dog bite case worth?” It depends on a couple of things. The first one is how seriously injured you are. Are you permanently impaired? How much are your medical bills? What is your pain and suffering, both future and past? What long-term consequences you are you facing because this dog viciously bit you?Dog Bite Case ValueThe medical component is one. The other component is disfigurement. How many stitches did you have to have? Are you going to have to have scar revision surgery? All these things are costly and they need to be addressed and estimated. Did this dog have a propensity to bite other people? Has he bitten a lot of people? Did these owners take appropriate measures to protect the public from this dog? If they didn’t, then that case has more value. It’s a lot of factors. It’s case-specific and fact-specific. These are numbers that we come up with after we evaluate the case.

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