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Dog Bites and Uninsured Owners

If you were attacked by a dog and the owner is uninsured, you can still recover. Watch this video to learn about dog bites and uninsured owners.
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Can I file a claim if the dog owner doesn’t have insurance?


One of the most common problems I have is that people who rent apartments have dogs and these dogs bite people. Most of the time, there’s no insurance that covers a dog bite if you don’t own your home. Most of the time, there’s not insurance to cover dog bites for people. The counsel I normally give to people is that you can turn it over to your health insurance to pay for your medical bills.Dog Bites and Uninsured OwnersYou can check with your homeowners insurance and see if it will cover a dog bite somewhere else. You can also check with your car insurance to see if they will cover any type of injuries you sustain from a dog bite. It’s tough. There’s no set answer. Every insurance company’s contract is different. I would suggest you contact an attorney to make sure you exhaust all possible avenues, so you can get your medical bills paid and any pain and suffering paid for.

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