Hiring a Bus Accident Lawyer

Have you been injured while riding on the bus? Learn what to look for when hiring a bus accident lawyer in this article, then contact us now!

If you were recently injured while riding on a bus, hiring a bus accident lawyer is your first step to receiving compensation. You will need an experienced Stillwater injury attorney to guide you through this complex legal process, and also to defend you from unfair settlement offers from insurance companies. Contact our office today to schedule a free consultation.

Hiring a Bus Accident Lawyer | Benefits

Retaining an experienced Stillwater bus accident lawyer to represent you will shield you from all of the potential pitfalls and trappings that may befall you as you proceed with your case. A skilled Stillwater bus accident lawyer will likely have experience with the bus companies’ attorneys and representatives and be familiar with their tactics, as they attempt to dismiss your claim.

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Hiring a Bus Accident Lawyer | Strategies

Your attorney will immediately acquire a copy of the accident report, interview witnesses, and notify bus company’s agents that you are represented, and are making a claim for personal injuries. This prevents the bus company’s agents from contacting you outside the presence of counsel and assures that all settlement negotiations are conducted through your attorney. All too often, claim adjusters for the bus company act sympathetic and caring to the unrepresented party to gain their trust in order to take advantage of that trust when it’s time to settle the case. They frequently make early, low-ball settlement offers to entice the injured party to take a pittance of what their case is truly worth, even before they have adequately healed from their injuries or have a clear picture of their total lost wages and loss of earning capacity.

Retaining a skilled bus accident attorney will prevent all of the bus company’s tactics.  An attorney focused on bus injuries knows their tricks and will balance the scales in your favor. They will ensure that all of your lost wages and past and future medical bills are accurately accounted for, along with any other damages and harms you suffered. Your attorney will get the maximum value for your case, and will cost you nothing out of pocked as that attorney will work for you on a contingency fee basis. That means you don’t pay them unless they win your case.

Hiring a Bus Accident Lawyer | Contact Our Office

If you were injured as a result of a bus accident, do not hesitate to contact an experienced Stillwater bus accident lawyer at Murray Law Firm immediately to ensure the best possible outcome of your case. Navigating the nuances of the law can be tricky and fraught with traps for the inexperienced and unwary. That is why it is vital that you contact our office today.

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