Overview of Slip and Fall Injuries

Have you been injured from a fall and are seeking legal assistance? Check out this overview of slip and fall injuries, then give us a call.

Our experienced Stillwater slip and fall lawyers will help you recover full compensation for injuries you’ve sustained. Here is an overview of slip and fall injuries, including the Oklahoma statute of limitations and why you need to hire an attorney.

Overview of Slip and Fall Injuries | Eligibility

First and foremost, in order to be able to bring a claim, your injury needs to have been due to the negligence of others. If you were at the grocery store and you were on your phone, wearing flip flops and not paying attention to your environment, you might be determined to be at fault for your slip and fall. The insurance company will argue that if you were in proper foot wear, and you weren’t on your phone, you may have seen the hazard that made you slip and fall and hurt yourself. However, you may certainly be eligible for a claim if you were turning the corner at the store and fell on a spill that no one had cleaned up yet.

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Overview of Slip and Fall Injuries | Statute of Limitations

There are many things to think about with a slip and fall claim, but the most important one of all is getting the claim filed on time. From the date of the accident, according to Oklahoma statutes, you have two years to file. Now, if you wait a year and 364 days to finally contact an attorney, you may be out of luck. There are steps that need to be taken before all the paper work will be filed and evidence gathered, etc. It certainly is a process. Therefore, you need to give your Stillwater slip and fall lawyer some time to get everything that they need together.

Overview of Slip and Fall Injuries | Hiring a Lawyer

When you look for an attorney for a slip and fall injury case, you need to find an attorney who is experienced in this area, who has a track record, who takes on the insurance companies on a regular basis, and who has trial experience. You need to hire an attorney who can get you to the professionals you need, who seems to understand the kind of experts they need to hire and has the ability to do so. You need to hire an attorney that you get along well with, an attorney you believe cares about your situation. You need to go with your gut. You need to go with someone that will be your champion and will be able to take your case all the way to trial if need be.

You deserve compensation. Don’t let the insurance company bully you out of getting what you deserve. Call James Murray of Murray Law Firm today for a free consultation. You need an experienced Stillwater slip and fall attorney at your side.

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