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Partial Fault Pedestrian Accident

Were you hit by a car while crossing an intersection? Watch this video about a partial fault pedestrian accident and learn how fault is determined.
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Can I be partially at fault in a pedestrian accident?


If you’re involved in a pedestrian car wreck, and you’re the pedestrian, and some of the fault is yours, the big question people always have for me is, “Can I still bring an action? Do I have any claim against the vehicle?” The answer is yes. As long as you’re 50% or less at fault, then you can make a claim and receive compensation from the person involved in the wreck with you. It’s a situation where you need to hire an attorney to do investigation and preserve evidence so we can really present the evidence we need to a jury or an insurance adjuster at some point in time.Partial Fault Pedestrian AccidentAnother way I find really helpful is to show information, show pictures, show statements to a focus group, and have them help us determine what percent fault would be assigned to the pedestrian and what percent fault would be assigned to the vehicle.

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