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Pedestrian Accident Injury Claims

Are you suffering after being hit by a car while walking or jogging? Watch this video to learn about filing pedestrian accident injury claims in Oklahoma.
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What Can I Do If I Was Hit By a Car as a Pedestrian?


People have asked me what the difference is between a pedestrian wreck claim and an automobile wreck claim. There’s not a lot of difference. Pedestrians still have special duties. They need to be in crosswalks, but that, again, doesn’t completely eliminate a claim if you’re not in the crosswalk.Pedestrian Accident Injury ClaimsThere are specific traffic obligations, rules that a pedestrian must follow as well as a car, so if either side violates any safety rules, then there’s going to have to be some type of accountability there. More often than not, the injuries of a pedestrian are more serious than injuries of an occupant of a vehicle.

Were you or a loved one seriously injured by a motor vehicle while walking, running, or jogging and have questions about pedestrian accident injury claims? Contact a Stillwater pedestrian accident lawyer at Murray Law Firm today for a free confidential consultation and case evaluation. Let our experience work for you. Subscribe to Our YouTube Channel Out of Town Resources These Phoenix Pedestrian Accident Lawyers have done a great job creating educational content. If you need help with a pedestrian accident claim in Phoenix, we recommend you take a look at their website.