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Perry Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal Injury Representation Throughout Noble County

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    Perry Personal Injury Lawyers

    Personal Injury Representation Throughout Noble County


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      James Murray was quick to respond in a serious time of need. I would recommend my attorney James Murray to anyone who wants a serious lawyer. He is great in the courtroom and was great advocating for me and my children. James and staff are courteous, helpful, and professional. James always made time to discuss all matters with me, answer all my questions, and put my worries at ease. I called Murray Law Firm and it was the best call I ever made!

      Caitlin P.

      The staff at Murray Law Firm met or exceeding all of my expectations. They do everything in their power to provide you with the most recent information they have available to them. They are a friendly group that makes you feel like they are fighting the fight with you as a partner. Thomas represented me extremely well, spending hours reviewing the case. I visited with three firms prior to finding Murray Law Firm and I can personally vouch for them in saying that your time would be wasted elsewhere.


      I used James Murray for my divorce after 25 years. This has been my only time Ive needed a attorney. James was one of the best decisions ive made besides the divorce. He went above and beyond. I got everything i wanted plus. I have since sent many of my friends that need a attorney for any reason. James i thank you very much and will refer you because i believe you are the best in town.

      Brian B.

      I had been married almost 31 years when my husband passed away from an accident. I’d lost the love of my life, my rock and the person I counted most! He was in many ways my financial support system. I was going to need an attorney. One with experience, and that could handle a case like mine.Murray Law Firm took on a trucking company and their insurance company while continually working to produce results even when the insurance company worked hard not to pay a fair amount! In closing I couldn’t have been more pleased with the efforts that Murray Law Firm gave on my behalf and that of my family.

      Mary K.
      Oklahoma Personal Injury Guide

      Oklahoma Personal Injury Guide

      Get our FREE guide and start learning what steps you need to take after a serious accident.

      In a community like Perry, Oklahoma, accidents can happen when we least expect them. Whether it’s a motor vehicle collision, a slip and fall incident, or any other unfortunate mishap, personal injuries can leave lasting physical, emotional, and financial impacts on individuals and families. As seasoned Perry personal injury lawyers, we understand the turmoil you may be facing after such an event. Murray Law Firm is here to guide you through this challenging time and fight for the justice and compensation you deserve.

      Understanding the Numbers

      According to the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office, there were 11,619 people injured in car accidents across Oklahoma in 2021 alone. These numbers are not just statistics; they represent real people whose lives have been affected by accidents. If you’ve been injured in a motor vehicle accident in Perry or anywhere in Oklahoma, Murray Law Firm is here to help you navigate the legal complexities and secure the compensation you need to move forward.

      A Compassionate Approach to Personal Injury Cases

      At Murray Law Firm, we recognize the confusion and worry that often accompany personal injuries. From mounting medical bills to the uncertainty of how to proceed, the aftermath of an accident can be overwhelming. That’s why we offer free consultations to discuss your case and provide clarity on your legal options. Our team of experienced Perry personal injury lawyers is here to offer support and guidance every step of the way.

      Taking Action

      If you’ve been injured in Perry, Oklahoma, or the surrounding areas, it’s crucial to take certain steps to protect your rights and interests. First and foremost, prioritize your health and safety. Seek medical attention immediately, even if your injuries seem minor. Documenting your injuries and medical treatment will also be essential in building a strong case for compensation.

      Next, refrain from speaking to any insurance company, including your own, until you’ve consulted with a lawyer. Insurance adjusters may try to minimize your claim or pressure you into accepting a low settlement. By retaining the services of Murray Law Firm, you can rest assured that your rights will be protected, and we will handle all communication with the insurance companies on your behalf.

      When you choose Murray Law Firm to represent you, we’ll begin working on your case right away. From gathering evidence to negotiating with insurance companies to litigating in court if necessary, we won’t stop fighting until you receive full and fair compensation for your injuries, damages, and losses.

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      Avoiding Common Pitfalls After a Personal Injury

      Navigating the aftermath of a personal injury can be overwhelming, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the legal process. At Murray Law Firm, we’ve seen firsthand the common mistakes that individuals make after sustaining an injury in Perry, Oklahoma. By understanding these pitfalls and knowing how to avoid them, you can protect your rights and maximize your chances of receiving fair compensation for your injuries.

      Choosing the Right Representation

      One of the most significant mistakes individuals make after a personal injury is hiring a lawyer who lacks trial experience. Insurance companies are keenly aware of which attorneys are willing to take cases to trial and which ones prefer to settle quickly. By choosing a lawyer who is not afraid to go to court, you send a clear message to the insurance company that you’re prepared to fight for your rights. At Murray Law Firm, our experienced trial attorneys have a proven track record of success — both in and out of the courtroom.

      Seeking Prompt Medical Attention

      After sustaining an injury, seeking immediate medical attention should be your top priority. Not only is this essential for your health and well-being, but it also strengthens your personal injury claim. Delaying medical treatment or failing to follow your doctor’s orders can undermine your case and jeopardize your chances of receiving fair compensation. By promptly seeking medical care and adhering to your treatment plan, you demonstrate the severity of your injuries and the impact they have had on your life.

      Following Doctor’s Orders

      In addition to seeking prompt medical attention, it’s crucial to follow your doctor’s orders diligently. This includes attending all scheduled appointments, undergoing recommended treatments, and following any prescribed medications or therapies. Failing to comply with your doctor’s instructions can not only hinder your recovery but also provide ammunition for the insurance company to dispute your claim.

      Avoiding Communication with Insurance Companies

      Finally, one of the most common mistakes individuals make after a personal injury is speaking to the insurance company without legal representation. Insurance adjusters are skilled at minimizing claims and persuading injured parties to accept lowball settlements. By consulting with Murray Law Firm before engaging with the insurance company, you can protect your rights — and avoid inadvertently harming your case. Our experienced Perry personal injury lawyers will handle all communication with the insurance company on your behalf, allowing you to focus on your recovery without added stress or pressure.

      Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Injury in Perry, Oklahoma

      Understanding the legal aspects of personal injury cases can be daunting, especially if you’re navigating the process for the first time. At Murray Law Firm, we’re here to provide clarity and guidance to individuals who have been injured in Perry, Oklahoma. Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from clients:

      If you’ve been injured in Perry, your first priority should be to seek medical attention. Even if your injuries seem minor, it’s important to document them and begin the treatment process as soon as possible. Once you’ve received medical care, consider consulting with a personal injury attorney to discuss your legal options.

      In Oklahoma, the statute of limitations for filing a personal injury claim is generally two years from the date of the injury. However, there are exceptions to this rule, so it’s important to consult with an attorney as soon as possible to ensure that you don’t miss any crucial deadlines.

      In a personal injury case, you may be entitled to various types of damages, including medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and property damage. The specific types of damages available will depend on the circumstances of your case and the extent of your injuries.

      The value of your personal injury case will depend on a variety of factors, including the severity of your injuries, the impact on your daily life, and the extent of the negligence or fault of the other party. A qualified personal injury attorney can assess the details of your case and provide an estimate of its potential value.

      While it’s possible to handle a personal injury claim on your own, having an experienced attorney on your side can significantly increase your chances of obtaining fair compensation. An attorney can navigate the complexities of the legal system, gather evidence to support your claim, and negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf.

      At Murray Law Firm, we understand that the financial burden of a personal injury can be overwhelming — that’s why we offer free consultations to discuss your case and determine the best course of action. Additionally, we work on a contingency fee basis, which means that you don’t pay any upfront fees and only pay us if we win your case.

      The timeline for resolving a personal injury case can vary depending on the complexity of the case, the extent of your injuries, and other factors. While some cases may be resolved relatively quickly through settlement negotiations, others may require litigation and could take several months or even years to reach a resolution. Your attorney can provide you with a more accurate estimate based on the specifics of your case.

      Personal Injury Client Story

      This client story is for educational purposes only.

      In the heart of Perry, Oklahoma, a man named Richard found himself facing one of life’s toughest challenges after a devastating car accident turned his world upside down. As he grappled with the physical pain and emotional turmoil of his injuries, Richard wondered how he would ever find justice and move forward from the wreckage of his life.

      Enter James Murray and the compassionate team at Murray Law Firm. From the moment Richard walked through their doors, he knew he had found more than just legal representation — he had found a guiding light in his darkest hour.

      With James by his side, Richard embarked on a journey toward healing and justice. Together, they navigated the complexities of the legal system, facing each hurdle with determination and resolve. James listened to Richard’s story with empathy and understanding, taking the time to truly connect with him on a personal level.

      Through their unwavering dedication and advocacy, James and his team fought on Richard’s behalf, leaving no stone unturned in their pursuit of justice. They worked tirelessly to gather evidence, negotiate with insurance companies, and build a strong case that would secure the compensation Richard deserved.

      But perhaps most importantly, James and his team provided Richard with something he desperately needed during this challenging time: hope. With their support and guidance, Richard found the strength to persevere, knowing that he had a team of compassionate advocates fighting for him every step of the way.

      Today, Richard stands tall as a testament to the power of resilience and the difference that compassionate legal representation can make. His road to recovery may have been long and arduous, but with James Murray and Murray Law Firm by his side, he emerged stronger than ever before.

      If you’ve been injured in a personal injury in Perry, Oklahoma, don’t face it alone. Let Murray Law Firm be your guiding light on the path to justice and healing.

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      If you’ve been seriously injured in a personal injury in Perry, Oklahoma, you don’t have to face it alone. At Murray Law Firm, we understand the challenges you’re facing, and we’re here to help you seek justice and fair compensation for your injuries. Our experienced team of attorneys is dedicated to providing compassionate and effective legal representation to individuals and families in Perry and the surrounding areas.

      Free Consultations

      We offer free consultations to discuss your case and explore your legal options. During your consultation, we’ll listen to your story, answer any questions you may have, and provide honest and straightforward advice about your situation. Our goal is to empower you with the information and resources you need to make informed decisions about your future.

      Contingency Fee Basis

      At Murray Law Firm, we understand that the financial burden of a personal injury can be overwhelming. That’s why we work on a contingency fee basis, which means that you don’t pay any upfront costs and you only pay us if we successfully recover compensation on your behalf. Our fee is contingent upon the outcome of your case, so you can trust that we’re fully invested in securing the best possible result for you.

      Don’t Delay — Take Action Today

      Time is of the essence in personal injury cases — don’t wait to seek legal representation. Contact Murray Law Firm today to schedule your free consultation with a personal injury lawyer. We’ll listen to your story, assess the details of your case, and develop a strategic plan to pursue the compensation you deserve. Let us be your advocates during this difficult time.