What To Expect After a Truck Accident

Did you get injured from a truck wreck? Read this article to learn what to expect after a truck accident, then call our Stillwater lawyers.

Choosing the Best Attorney

What To Expect After a Truck AccidentYou should be looking for someone who is experienced in handling tractor trailer injury cases, whether it’s a tractor trailer injury case in the city limits or a tractor trailer injury case on the interstate. These cases are technical and you need to make sure your attorney understands all the work involved. They have to have a track record. They have to have handled them and been successful with them. They have to be able to locate experts that will facilitate a full and fair recovery for you. You can’t have somebody who has never handled tractor trailer injury cases before doing this case. You don’t want them cutting their teeth on your case; you want them to be experienced and know exactly what to do and when to do it. Just make sure that you investigate each attorney you talk to and make sure they’re experienced at tractor trailer injury cases.

Common Mistakes To Avoid

One of the biggest mistakes that you should avoid after you’re in an injury wreck with a tractor trailer is trying to go it alone. Hire a lawyer immediately. The tractor trailer cases are complicated. There’s a lot of federal regulations and federal laws that must be followed that take a professional and experienced tractor trailer injury attorney to figure those out. Evidence can be lost. You need to get to the scene to make sure that you take pictures, over and above what any law enforcement pictures will be taken. You have to preserve the evidence. The biggest problem I see is wait to see what the insurance company offers before hiring a lawyer. That is exactly what they want you to do, and that’s why you shouldn’t do it. Hire a lawyer immediately who’s experienced in tractor trailer accident cases.

Settlement Offers

You need to hire a lawyer immediately; not three months, not twelve months, and definitely not until the insurance company makes their first offer. Insurance companies always say, “Before you hire a lawyer, will you let me make a first offer? Will you promise me you won’t hire a lawyer until I make my first offer to you? I think we can get this case settled.” That’s exactly the mistake you don’t want to make. The insurance company and the adjuster are not your friends; they’re looking out for number one. They don’t want to pay you a fair settlement. Hire a lawyer who’s experienced with tractor trailer cases to help you navigate all the twists and turns of a very difficult tractor trailer injury case. Tractor trailer injury cases are complicated because the drivers are held to a higher standard, they have things they have to do, and sometimes it takes a lot of work to find out all the violations of the safety rules tractor trailer drivers make.

Statute of Limitations

In Oklahoma, you have two years to bring your claim and to preserve it. It’s called a two-year statute of limitations. Don’t wait two years. Hire a lawyer early on. Help them prepare your case in a way that will give you a fair, fighting chance to get you an equitable claim. Recoveries are difficult with tractor trailer cases, so they need all the information and evidence they can find. Don’t wait; hire a lawyer immediately.

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