Recoverable Car Accident Damages

If you were hurt in a car, you may be concerned about recoverable car accident damages. Watch this video, then call our Stillwater lawyers.

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What type of compensation is available for a car accident claim?


In Oklahoma, there are several things you can make claims for in your car wreck case. You can make a claim for your medical expenses, your personal injuries, your pain and suffering, your future pain and suffering, or if it’s a wrongful death, you can make a claim for the loss of a loved one. A lot of those are emotional and hard to put a value on, but you can make a claim for that. You can also make a claim for your vehicle, get your vehicle fixed and paid for. Normally, that happens earlier in the case. You can also make a claim for any type of future permanent impairment. If you can’t return to the work you had previously done, that’s a factor. There are a lot of things you can make claims for. Some of them are easier to prove than others. If you’re self-employed, it’s tough to show what your lost wages are, as the fact that you sometimes don’t always show you make more money in some years, and so it’s hard to determine exactly what you make. If you work for somebody and you get a W2 every year, it’s definitely easier to show how much you would have made.

The big things, though, that I think you need to make a claim for in personal injury cases, outside of wrongful death cases, are your pain and suffering, past and future; your medical expenses; and also you have an opportunity to help the community be safer by deterring this particular person who caused the injury from doing it again to somebody else. One of the things that I really stress is that we want to make our community safer. If someone violates a safety rule and causes injury, then that person needs to be deterred from doing that again. Distracted driving has become a problem and that’s why we need to always look at those things. There’s quite an array of items and damages you can claim in an auto wreck case.

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