Can the Police Lie to You?

Can the police lie to you? The answer might shock you. Read this article to learn why you should contact an attorney after speaking to the police. Read Our FREE Criminal Defense Guide


Do the police have to tell the truth?


Sometimes law enforcement will ask a person to come down and make a statement as part of an ongoing investigation they’re undertaking. The question becomes should you go down and make any statements or answer any questions? The answer is no.Can the Police Lie to You? For one, law enforcement is not required to be honest with you during that questioning period. They may just be seeking to elicit a certain response and conclude their case. It could be a number of factors behind that where your friend or some other witness may have implicated you in the case without your knowledge and maybe untruthfully just to save themselves the hassle of dealing with law enforcement. It’s important that in that stage where you’ve been asked to come down and make a statement or answer questions that you contact a criminal defense attorney who is experienced in your local jurisdiction to deal with that matter.

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