Should I Talk to the Police?

Should I Talk to the Police if they question be about a crime? Read this article by our Stillwater attorney to learn what you must do to avoid a false arrest. Read Our FREE Criminal Defense Guide


Should I speak to the police if i’m a subject of investigation?


I had a consultation recently with a client where they were asked by law enforcement to come make a statement or come give some information regarding an ongoing investigation law enforcement was undertaking. The client asked me, should I go down there and talk with them? The answer is no; not without legal representation.Should I Talk to the Police?You could be potentially incriminating yourself without your knowledge even though you have the best interest and intentions of just being cooperative even if you feel like you have nothing to hide. You want to make sure you’ve assessed all of your rights and what the probability is of the outcome of the situation might be by contacting an experienced criminal defense attorney.

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