Protective Order Defenses

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Do I need to contest a protective order?


If you’ve been served with a protective order, the question becomes, do you need to contest it? Do you need to show up to court and object to it? The answer overwhelmingly is yes, you do. If you fail to do so, the court can issue what’s considered a permanent protective order for a period of years that will then have adverse impacts on your ability to maintain employment. Some judges have even stated they consider a permanent protective order to be as damaging as a felony conviction on your record.Protective Order DefenseAdditionally, you may have issues maintaining or purchasing a firearm. As well as if you have you have children and a child custody issue, this could adversely impact your ability to have custodial rights or certain types of visitation. You need to contact an experienced attorney in the area of protective orders immediately and assess your situation.

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