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Car Accident Claim Value

Were you injured in a car crash? Watch this video to learn about car accident claim value and how much you may be able to recover for your injuries.
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How much is my car accident claim worth?


A lot of times people come in on our first visit in dealing with a car wreck and they ask me, “What do you think my case is worth?” Well, it’s not that easy to say. It all depends on how seriously you’re injured, how long it takes you to recover, how much work you missed, and what type of medical procedures need to occur. You can’t really tell what your claim is worth until you get to a place where you feel comfortable with where you are physically, and emotionally. That takes months, if not years. A lot of times, too, your claim might be worth as much as there is insurance out there. It takes a while to figure out how much insurance is involved in the case.Car Accident Claim ValueIt’s not an easy question. I can’t give you an answer up front. I can give you a range, possibly, but I hate to do that because you just don’t know what your body is going to do in reacting to an injury and what is going to be discovered from the person who caused the wreck. Sometimes values of the case could go up because of the person who caused the wreck’s behavior, their history, and their attitude at the scene was unsavory. Bottom line, in Oklahoma, it’s not a decision I can make up front to tell you how much your claim is worth. It takes time to see how the case unfolds, the evidence unfolds, and how your injuries progress and how quickly you heal.

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