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Dealing with Insurance Companies

Injured in a car wreck and getting calls asking about the accident? Watch this video to learn about dealing with insurance companies after an accident.

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Should I talk to the insurance company after my car accident?


Insurance companies will attempt to contact a person injured in a wreck by one of their insured. I think it’s probably okay to give them your name, address, and phone number. They have that information anyway – it’s on the accident report – but I wouldn’t go into details about your injuries and the treatment you’re receiving. They have a way of asking leading questions. They want to lead you into a path that says, “Oh, I’m not really hurt that bad,” or “I’m not really hurt at all,” or “My pain didn’t start until a week after the wreck.” They want to put you in a compromising situation so they can cause confusion to a potential jury.Dealing with Insurance CompaniesI would recommend that you do not talk to the insurance company, other than just giving them the basic information and getting a claim number from them. I would contact an attorney, hire an attorney, and let them deal with the adjuster. An attorney knows all of your rights. An insurance adjuster knows all your rights too, and they want to manipulate the facts and manipulate the questions they ask you to minimize or limit the amount of money you may be able to claim someday.

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