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Car Accident Settlement Timeline

Do you have questions about the car accident settlement timeline in Oklahoma? Watch this video to find out how long it may take to recover.

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How long will my car accident case take?


You may be wondering, how long do car wreck cases last if we have to file a lawsuit? That depends on a lot of things. The defense attorneys want the cases to last awhile; it’s called litigation fatigue. What happens is that, when a plaintiff or someone who’s injured in a wreck is seeking justice, seeking an appropriate amount of money for their injuries and their medical expenses, the insurance companies will drag the case out as long as they can by filing motions, delaying getting discovery to you, and doing everything they can to delay the case, in the hope that the person injured will get tired of waiting, will get tired of the system, and throw their hands up in the air and say, “I’ll take anything they offer me now; I’m tired of this.”Car Accident Settlement TimelineI recommend to people when we have to file a lawsuit to get money and compensation for your injuries, you have to be ready for the long haul. From the date of the wreck, it could take several years to get the case resolved. You have to do all the depositions and all the discovery, and take doctor’s depositions, then you have to find the time when the court can have a trial. You have to look at all the attorney’s schedules and the judges schedules, so it is a journey and you need to have the right lawyer with you in this journey that will be able to help explain your rights to you, and help keep the case moving quickly as possible. Don’t expect this to be a quick fix if you have to file a lawsuit, because once you enter the legal world of litigation in Oklahoma, you lose control of the timing.

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