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School Bus Accident Statute of Limitations

There is a strict timeline to file a bus injury claim. Watch this video to learn about school bus accident statute of limitations in Oklahoma. 
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How long do I have to file a school bus accident claim?


If your child or loved one was injured on a school bus in Oklahoma, you’re governed by the Governmental Tort Claim Act statute of limitation, which is one year. You have to give notice before you can file a lawsuit. So many days has to pass to have the school district make a response to you.School Bus Accident Statute of LimitationsYou have to give them a chance, first, to review the claim before you file it. Again, it’s kind of a unique statute and it’s not easily understood by the average citizen of Oklahoma, so I would suggest contacting an attorney as soon as you can and put this in their hands to handle it so you don’t miss any of your rights.

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