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School Bus Injury Claims

Was your child injured while riding a school bus? Watch this video to learn about school bus accident injury claims and how to protect your rights.
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Can I file a claim if my child was injured on a school bus?


If you have a child who is on a school bus and there is an injury caused by an automobile running into a school bus, or a school bus running into an automobile, or even if the school bus runs into a truck or another school bus, you have to investigate the case.School Bus Injury ClaimsYou have the possibility of an action against the school bus driver for not being safe and not following safety rules, and you have also a cause of action and can sue the other party that caused the wreck or ran into the school bus. You have to investigate these things quickly to make sure you know all the players who are involved, and you need to make sure you understand the evidence, preserve the evidence, and prepare for presenting your case to the insurance company, or even presenting yourself in a jury trial.

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