Calculating Child Support

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How is child support determined in Oklahoma?


If you’re going through a divorce process or even a paternity action, if you’re the noncustodial parent of a minor child, you may be required to pay child support. In that case, the question is about how the state of Oklahoma determines what your child support amount is. It’s determined in a monthly amount based on your monthly adjusted gross income and the other parent’s monthly adjusted gross income. There are some factors included with how many overnight periods you have the minor child for, your visitation, and some other miscellaneous factors, including whether there are child care costs, or health insurance for the minor child’s coverage being provided by you or the other parent.Calculating Child SupportIn doing so, the numbers are all put into a calculator, which is considered the Oklahoma Child Support Guidelines Calculator. In doing so, the formula comes out with a final number of what you will be obligated to pay per month for your child’s maintenance. If you have any questions about that, you need to contact an experienced divorce attorney to assess what factors will be considered in calculating your adjusted gross income.

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