When Your Child Refuses Visitation

Do you have to pay child support when your child refuses visitation in Oklahoma? Find out as our Stillwater lawyer explains what to do in this article. Read Our FREE Divorce Guide


Do I have to pay child support if my child refuses to see me?


If you’re going through a divorce process, or you’ve already gone through the process, and you’re obligated to pay child support, sometimes the questions arises, “Do I have to pay the child support if I’m not receiving the visitation I’m ordered to receive? The answer to that is yes, you do have to continue to pay that. They are considered two mutually exclusive orders and you cannot cease payment just because you’re not receiving the visitation as ordered.When Your Child Refuses VisitationThere are other forms of relief that you can seek, which would be enforcement of your visitation rights through a motion that your attorney can file on your behalf, but you will be found in contempt for not paying child support if it is a court order. The advice is to always maintain currency on your child support obligation as ordered by the court and contact an experienced divorce attorney if you have any questions about a situation similar to what I’ve just explained.

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