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Faulty Handrail Injury Cases

Were you injured due to a damaged handrail in Stillwater? Watch this video to find out if you have a faulty handrail injury case and what you need to know.

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Do I have a claim if I fell because of a faulty handrail?


If you’re visiting a store, and you believe that a handrail was faulty and gave way or caused you to become unstable, and you slipped and fell, what you really need to do, first of all, is make sure you file an incident report Make sure you give them notice. Make sure you take pictures. Make sure you preserve the evidence. Make sure that you contact an attorney to help you do the investigation. Attorneys have investigators that go out and will take an extensive number of pictures, interview any witnesses, and make sure they preserve the witnesses names, addresses, and contact information.Faulty Handrail Injury CasesThe attorney can also find an expert on handrails or other types of devices, in a commercial setting or a home/residential setting, to determine if the handrails were properly designed, properly installed, and if they meet code of the city or the municipality that you live in. As you see, the real key here is hiring an attorney early on so you make good and informed decisions. You can’t roll back time so you can find witnesses and evidence because in these types of cases, the evidence disappears very quickly when things are fixed or removed.

Were you or a loved one seriously injured after a trip or fall and have questions about faulty handrail injury cases? Contact a Stillwater slip and fall lawyer at Murray Law Firm today for a free confidential consultation and case evaluation. Let our experience work for you.

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